Special Dietary Items

Allergen Warning: The Buttercream Boutique, Ltd. Co. is NOT an allergen free facility, but allergy friendly. At any time your cake may come in contact with eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts or tree nuts. Please be advised that although we are providing a product that is made with gluten-free or other allergen free ingredients, and although we will take every reasonable precaution to protect your product*, cross-contamination may occur. Please take this into consideration when ordering gluten free and allergen free products.

Due to the additional time involved,  the expense of many specialty ingredients and the care that must be taken with special mixing and baking methods, gluten free items are priced higher than our items that contain gluten. We do consider them to be worth every penny, as they are every-bit as delicious as their gluten-y counterparts! Custom orders are available in whole batches, only. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please freeze leftovers in a tightly sealed container, then thaw on counter.

Gluten Free Items

Sponge Cakes

add $1.00 per serving to

our regular prices

Pound Cakes

Loaf $24

Bundt $36


Brownies 24 for $36


by 2 dozens

Chocolate Chip $32



Cream Puff 8 for $12

Do-Si Nos $40


Lemon Poppy

Twinki-esque 12 for $24

OreNos $40




SaNoas $40




Thin Mint $40








Oatmeal Cin'mon $40






All of our Cakes containing Gluten, can be made egg-less, for .25¢ more per serving. Gluten Free Cakes, can be made egg-less for no up-charge.


All or our Cakes containing Gluten, or Gluten Free, can be made dairy free for .25¢ more per serving.


*For all allergy friendly baking, we thoroughly double wash, rinse and sanitize all equipment that may contain contaminates, with new sponges and cloths. We replace any items that cannot adequately be decontaminated of allergens. For gluten free products, all of our gluten free ingredients are stored separately, in an enclosed container. We keep "doubles" of our items that are used in both regular baking, and our gluten free baking, such as baking powder and soda, vanilla, sugar and chocolate chips, if in doubt, we will buy fresh. Also, we keep doubles of non-food items, such as spatulas, plastic scrapers, and waxed paper. The gluten free baking is done first thing, with a clean kitchen, and put away in wrapped containers (if not removed from the premises) before the gluten-containing baking is started. We use many of these same precautions for our peanut and tree nut free baking.****